Destination Tourism Plan

Tourism Port Douglas Daintree’s Destination Tourism Plan (DTP) is the blueprint from which TPDD’s marketing and industry development activities will be advanced until 2025.

The purpose of the DTP is to provide long-term vision and strategic direction for the Port Douglas Daintree Region, providing a framework through collaboration to maximise the economic benefits of the visitor economy whilst managing the environmental and social impacts.

It will help to guide the sustainable growth and viability of the visitor economy to become more resilient to external threats and a constantly changing and competitive market.


Our destination goals are:

  1. Economically Sustainable Tourism
  2. Environmentally Sustainable Tourism
  3. Culturally Sustainable Tourism

Our strategic priorities are:

  1. Grow Domestic Market
  2. Ensure Access
  3. Generate Year-Round Visitation
  4. Refresh the Reason
  5. World Leading Sustainable Destination
  6. Road to Recovery Resourcing.

To find out more about our plan to achieve our goals, as well as in depth market, brand and audience insights, download the DTP below.