Agent Rates

Welcome to the Tourism Port Douglas Daintree's Agent Portal! The operators listed below are delighted to offer you a discounted rate to experience their products or experiences. We ask that you please contact operator's directly to book and ensure that you follow the steps set outlined below.

Booking Criteria

  • When contacting an operator to book please email from your work email address and insure that your email footer is included or that you include the company you work for (including branch location), your position within the company and a contact number for your office
  • Please provide your manager's name, email address and/or telephone number should an operator wish to contact them to verify your role within the company
  • Only Sales Agents or those in a booking capacity may avail of agents rates unless otherwise stated
  • These rates are not for the general public nor can family members or friends avail of these rates unless you are accompanying them and as agreed with the operator
  • Should you have any questions regarding Agent's Portal or any other questions regarding Port Douglas and the Daintree please email


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