Resurface Dive

Put the world on pause and immerse yourself in the serenity and weightless embrace of the underwater world.

Resurface Dive is a bespoke private scuba diving company based in Port Douglas. We are a unique service provider that offers personalised scuba diving experiences with a focus on mindfulness and mental wellbeing. Resurface Dive recognises that scuba diving can be a transformative experience that promotes inner peace, mindfulness and personal growth.

We have a team of experienced diving instructors and mindset coaches who are trained in techniques that promote mental and emotional wellbeing. Along with the full range of basic PADI courses and guided dives, Resurface Dive offers customised diving programs designed to help their clients overcome fears and mental barriers and cultivate a positive and growth-oriented mindset. We use a range of techniques, including meditation, visualisation and breath work to enhance the diving experience and promote mental clarity and focus.

We have well-established partnerships with a variety of local private charter vessels, whose expert crew get us to the most exclusive dive sites on Opal, Tongue and Agincourt Reefs. Here, in the pristine waters of the Outer Barrier Reef, surrounded by colourful reef fish and incredible coral formations, is where you’ll learn to Breathe, Dive and Connect.

Resurface Dive is committed to helping their clients develop a deeper connection with themselves and the ocean and to leave the diving experience with a renewed sense of purpose and inner strength.

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