Daintree Sensations


The Daintree Sensations tour tempts your taste buds and awakens your senses to the bounty of this rich and vibrant landscape. The Daintree is a tapestry of ancient rainforest and passionate producers, striving to deliver excellence in every sustainable bite you take. This tour is for people who want to connect with the growers and makers, enjoying an authentic food journey from paddock to plate. We’ve carefully curated an itinerary that showcases award-winning produce and sensational destinations, so book us in and we’ll hook you up.

The Daintree Sensations rainforest food adventure is a scrumptious farm gate tour like no other. It was born from the passion of local farmers, wanting to showcase their fabulous produce with visitors to the region. It’s a full day bus tour, with numbers limited to a maximum of just 10 guests, to ensure the time and space is provided for maximum engagement and enjoyment. Pick-ups and drop-offs are from Port Douglas and one of our professional guides is with you the whole time, to provide further insight into the people, places and produce you will experience during your Daintree Sensations tour.

Your day has been carefully curated to ensure a leisurely pace. It starts with coffee and chocolate, moves on to tropical fruits and delights, serves up its main at the Daintree Saltwater Barramundi Farm and ends at Cassowary Falls, a beautiful Daintree waterfall located on a private property.

Lot 3, Vixies Road, Wonga Beach, Queensland

07 4098 7117

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