Daintree River Cruise Centre

The Daintree River Cruise Centre has been operating one hour to full day specialised cruises since 1987, making it one of the oldest running operators on the Daintree River today.

The River guides are well informed naturalists and biologists and also keen bird watchers. They will make any of the cruises on offer exciting, memorable and educational on what this unique Eco System has to offer. See rare wildlife including Estuarine crocodiles, birds, frogs, snakes, butterflies, lizards, goannas, and insects. The area is one of the most densely populated mangrove estuaries in the world!

Daintree River Cruise Centre is proud to be Eco Tourism Accredited since 2000. In addition, we were awarded Advanced Eco Accreditation & Respecting Our Culture (ROC) Certification, designed by Aboriginal Tourism Australia. We are also a certified Climate Action Business.

Daintree Road DAINTREE

07 4098 6115

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