Seafood Basket to Sashimi: Where to Get Your Seafood Fix in Port Douglas

When you find yourself in the once-sleepy-fishing-village of Port Douglas, in the heart of the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef, it’s no surprise to find seafood plays a big part in both the local economy and the local menus.

You really are spoiled for choice but with only so much you can devour in one hit, you may need to be choosy…

Here are seven Port Douglas seafood specialities you can’t walk past:


Surfy tiger prawn sushi roll
Photo: IG/thesurfyportdouglas

From this outside this might look like a standard surf lifesaving club but order the crunchy tiger prawn sushi roll and prepare to take your taste buds to flavour town.

Melding the perfect balance of crunch, freshness, and avocado goodness, this dish will have you returning again.

2. Pretty much anything on the 2Fish menu

2fish dining
Photo: IG/2fishrestaurantpd

Okay, that’s not entirely helpful… but they didn’t win ‘Best Seafood Restaurant in Australia’ for having just one great dish!

If we had to nail it down, it would be the oysters. And the sashimi. And the line-caught local coral trout – now that is a special dish.

3. Tuna anything at Salsa Bar & Grill

Whole Fish

If you’re at Salsa and there is a tuna special, don’t even hesitate, just order it. I’ve never tasted tuna so good until I tried it at Salsa.

They change their menu each season, but generally there’s a tuna tataki that is ta-die-for and a seared tuna main.

4. Seafood platter for 2 at On the Inlet

Photo: IG/ontheinlet

You know what they say, When in [Rome] Port Douglas, order the seafood platter.

You get to sample a bit of everything on the menu, but bring your hungry tummy! After the oysters, prawns, bugs, mussels, sashimi, yabbies, mud crab and chips, you’ll be two nods away from a serious siesta.

5. Seafood trawler supplies

Hot tip: the waters off Port Douglas are teeming with delectable crustaceans and every month, usually around the time of the full moon, blackboard signs start popping up around Port Douglas and Mossman hinting at where to find them.

You’ll want to be early to nab your share of the haul of king prawns, banana prawns and tiger prawns when the prawn trawler sales pop up at the Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina. If you’re lucky, they might even have some bugs to add to your bag, too!

6. Fisherman's basket from Tin Shed

Photo: IG/thecombinedclub

There’s no point messing with the best and a traditional fisherman’s basket, done right, is pretty damn tough to beat.

Pull up a stool and bring your appetite for the Tin Shed’s perfectly crumbed and fried basket full of prawns, calamari, scallops, mackerel and chips for just $25. With a cold beer and those dreamy water views, where else would you rather be?

7. Cook up your catch after a day’s fishing

If you don’t return from your fishing charter with a sorry tale of the one that got away, head straight to the BBQ to cook up your barramundi or reef fish and regale your crew with embellished fishing tales and fresh fish to feast on.

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