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Earn money while you work in paradise

Port Douglas and the Daintree is paradise on earth. The place where two World Heritage listed places meet, the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, this region is one of the most diverse and beautiful places on the planet. Combined with a laidback lifestyle and a vibrant nightlife, doesn’t an endless summer in Mother Nature’s playground sound like fun?

Of course it does.

Add to the mix a thriving, vibing community with a variety of jobs available, Port Douglas and the Daintree is the perfect spot to settle in for a season… or a lifetime.


Explore. Work. Play. Repeat. Who wouldn’t want an adventure in paradise, earning money while you’re at it? Whether you want to relocate here for your career, travel and explore here while on a backpacking adventure, or maybe park up the RV for a bit on your lap around the country earning some dollars on the side, Port Douglas and the Daintree has something for you.



How do I get to Port Douglas?

Port Douglas is one hours north of Cairns. So, no matter if you’re on an epic driving adventure up the coast or from inland, or flying in from interstate or overseas, once you arrive in Cairns hit the Great Barrier Reef Drive heading north until you reach Port Douglas.

What if I want to work in the Daintree and Cape Tribulation?

Daintree and Cape Tribulation in another 60 – 90 minutes north of Port Douglas. Living and working in the world’s oldest continually living rainforest, right where it kisses the Great Barrier Reef Reef, is definitely something for the bucket list. During the season, there’s plenty of roles in this remarkable spot in hospitality and tourism, as well as fruit picking and tour guide roles.

Who are Working Holiday Makers?

Anyone! Working Holiday Makers vary across industries and demographics. You may be someone on a career break from a corporate job, a professional embarking on a career exchange in a regional town, taking a gap year after high school to discover adventure, or a grey nomad circumnavigating Australia and picking up work along the way to meet the locals. No matter where you are in your working life, we have something for you!

What kind of jobs are available?

You’ve hit the adventure capital of the north, so if you’re interested in anything outdoors, there’s jobs for you! Wildlife experiences, tour guide roles, and working on the Great Barrier Reef are extremely well regarded especially if you have the right accreditation. There’s also a wide array of hospitality jobs for highly experienced baristas, restaurant staff, chefs, as well as roles for those wanting to break into the industry and gain some valuable experience.

I’m at the end of my WHM visa (462). Can I get an extension working in Port Douglas and the Daintree?

Yes! Work carried out in northern Australia in tourism and hospitality, plant and animal cultivation, forestry and fishing is eligible for the purpose of a second or third Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa.

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Whether you’re carrying just what’s in your pack or you’ve got a full van of gear, there are places to stay in Port Douglas and the Daintree. However, if you’re planning on staying for an extended period of time, you’ll need to register with real estate agents before your arrival – the region is experiencing record-low rental properties. If you have a job lined up before you get here, be sure to speak to your employer as well.

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