Jindalba Boardwalk

To reach the beginning of the Jindalba boardwalk from the Great Barrier Reef Drive, turn off Cape Tribulation Road at the Daintree Discovery Centre, into Tulip Oak Road in Cow Bay. Jindalba is the traditional Kuku Yalanji people’s name for this area, meaning ‘foot of the mountain’. Allow around 30 minutes to complete the lush, shaded 700 metre rainforest boardwalk circuit, that meanders through lowland rainforest up to heights of four metres, offering views of the rainforest below. Information signs provide interesting facts on the diversity and ecology of the rainforest, including the location of an ancient Hopes Cycad, dated at around 40 million years old.

The Jindalba Circuit track also begins near the boardwalk and is well marked, however, requires well-placed feet and a reasonable level of fitness. Allow 2-3 hours for this 3km section of the national park walk as it travels through well-marked yet dense rainforest.


Jindalba Boardwalk, LOT 439 Tulip Oak Rd, Cow Bay QLD 4873, Australia

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