Low Isles

Set sail for the sandy coral cay islands of Low Isles on a snorkel tour and explore an island paradise only a select few can enjoy daily.

Located only 15km off the coast of Port Douglas, Low Isles is an ideal spot for an inner reef adventure, if you wish to travel only a short distance. With an abundance of marine life and coral and a large population of sea turtles, Low Isles is a perfect day tour or a few hours out on a half day tour. Snorkel right from the beach, relax under the thatched umbrellas or explore Low Island and find the active lighthouse and museum. Birdwatchers will take pleasure in observing the white Heron's and migrating birdlife at the uninhabited Woody Island. Low Isles is an ideal spot for couples and families alike for the range in tours suited to all tastes and budgets.

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