Lady Douglas River Cruise

Lady Douglas River Cruise is an idyllic calm water river cruise, exploring deep into the mangrove ecosystem, searching for Estuarine Saltwater Crocodiles in their natural habitat. Crocodiles are normally seen on over 95% of Cruises, especially in the dry season. Lady Douglas travels several kilometers through the unspoilt mangrove channels of Dickson Inlet, where you can experience and learn about the fascinating estuarine habitat. There are also sightings of local wildlife such as: sea eagles, ospreys, kingfishers, herons, waders, mudskippers, fiddler crabs, sesarmid crabs and papuan frogmouth owls.

Each 90-minute River Cruise includes a complimentary beverage on arrival and snacks along the way, as you cruise up the Dickson Inlet, along the Port Douglas waterfront and harbour, passing the historical Sugar Wharf and out to the entrance where you view the spectacular coastline and surrounding islands. An entertaining commentary covers mangroves, crocodiles, local wildlife and local history.

Lady Douglas has a toilet onboard and, has wheelchair and pram access. Lady Douglas is also available for private charter for weddings, parties or a private cruise.

Lady Douglas is a locally, family run business and has been operating in Port Douglas for over 30 years.

The Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina Wharf Street PORT DOUGLAS

+61 (0) 408 986 127

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