Cape Tribulation

If you’ve ever wanted to see what Australia looked like when dinosaurs roamed, Cape Tribulation is where you’ll find out.

Cross the Daintree River and enter the Daintree Rainforest, a world untouched by urban development, noise and air pollution. Disconnect from the bustle, breathe in the purity and explore your natural surroundings. Here in Cape Tribulation, this breathtaking coastal region is the very spot where the world’s oldest rainforest collides with the spectacular Great Barrier Reef.

Here in Cape Tribulation, we like to have epic off-road adventures. Hike or mountain bike ride through rainforest tracks, take a dip in the chilled rainforest swimming holes or explore the rugged terrain of the Bloomfield Track by 4WD. Ancient stories whisper through the leaves of Cape Tribulation, just as they have for centuries. Exhale as you emerge from the rainforest to isolated beaches, with the fringing Great Barrier Reef only a toe-dip away.

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