Daintree Boatman Nature Tours

Daintree Boatman Nature Tours is a small tour business, owned and operated by professional nature guide Murray Hunt, offering premium small-group wildlife cruises on the Daintree River.

Cruises are a special experience, with highly sought after birds, crocodiles and snakes seen on most cruises. Cruises are professionally conducted in a small open comfortable vessel which enables a quiet intimate exploration of the river with close views of wildlife. Cruises explore the narrow shallow tributaries of the Daintree where the big boats can't go.

Two-hour cruises are conducted at dawn and late afternoon when the river is at its most picturesque, sunlight is at its best for photography, and birds are at their most active.

Private charters for an hour or more are available for small groups wanting to experience the Daintree River at its best.

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The Boat Ramp Daintree Village

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