Daintree Discovery Centre: Receive 20% off your Entry Ticket

You’re invited to visit the Daintree Discovery Centre, an award-winning world class interpretive facility that allows visitors easy access to every level of the Daintree Rainforest; from the forest floor to the upper most reaches of the canopy. Unearth the secrets of the world’s oldest tropical lowland rainforest, climb the 23-metre high canopy tower, step back in time 130 million years when dinosaurs ruled in the Jurassic Forest, marvel at the weird and crazy bugs (if they don’t creep you out!) or take a walk through the Rainforest Freshwater Aquarium. Start your Daintree adventure at the Discovery Centre.

Use voucher code VISITDAINTREE to receive 20% OFF your entry ticket to the Daintree Discovery Centre. Offer applies to all ticket types.

Offer expires October 31, 2019.

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