Aussie Park Guides

Aussie Park Guides is the first company in Australia to provide self-drive audio guide applications that allow global travellers to explore, enjoy and appreciate the beautiful National Parks of Australia.

Each Aussie Park Guide tracks via GPS your position and provides automatic hands-free commentary as your vehicle approaches unique points of interest within the National Park.

It provides an interesting and educational narrative about different aspects of the Park, as you drive through it, including specific locations, unique Flora and Fauna and the Park’s Indigenous and European Cultural heritage.

In addition, directions, safety tips and recommendations are also provided, so that the occupants of the vehicle can remain safe, not get lost and make the most of their precious time whilst exploring.

And let me tell you why this is so amazing:

  • these audio guides are the first of their kind for National Parks in Australia
  • they are a downloadable smart phone application
  • they do not require any phone reception or internet signal and will work completely offline
  • they are about one tenth of the cost of conventional tour guides
  • you can explore the Park in the comfort and safety of your own vehicle, in your own time and your own schedule, and
  • you and your family can still travel and explore our beautiful national parks and maintain social distancing.

We look forward to providing you with an interesting and informative commentary whilst we guide you through the stunning Wet Tropics and the iconic Daintree National Park.

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