Sharon Timms

Self-confessed word-nerd, raconteur and collector of red lipsticks, Sharon Timms loves little more than the power of a good story (and finding the proofreader’s unicorn, the elusive double space). As a seasoned Tropical North Queenslander with 20 years in tourism, hospitality and event management, Sharon loves little more than exploring, talking about and writing about this extraordinary piece of paradise she calls home. A regular contributor to local and national media publications, Sharon is an articulate, brand-connected and exciting content creator who one day hopes to master hula hooping.  
18 October

5 ways to recover after the Great Barrier Reef Marathon

Signing up for a marathon is half the battle. The other half is surviving it - especially when it's the spectacularly-scenic Tropical Journeys Great Barrier Reef Marathon.  Anyone w...

21 September

A local's guide to the best Port Douglas restaurants

“People who love food really are the best people.” – Julia Child The Mistress of the Kitchen was really onto something with this fine observation, and with more visitors to this region scheduling ...

21 March

Beach to bush: Port Douglas day hiking trails you need in your life

There’s no doubt about it - road trips are pretty epic in North Queensland (Great Barrier Reef Drive, anyone?), but they’ll only get you so far. There are some places only your feet can take you, ...

08 October

Beat the post holiday blues with these 6 Port Douglas remedies!

So, you’re back at work now, huh? After lazy days filled with late breakfasts, beach trips, restorative retail therapy, cocktails with little umbrellas, afternoon naps, (mostly) uninterrupted ...

18 September

How to do Port Douglas with kids who are toddler age

Toddlers, those small mini-dictators that make every parent grateful Mother Nature made ‘em so cute, can be *ahem* demanding. Generally speaking, holidays that include long car trips are out, ...

07 March

Indulge your sweet tooth in Port Douglas

Writer Ernestine Ulmer famously said "Life is uncertain; eat dessert first", but we say to hell with dinner and just eat dessert. In the post most likely to put you into a diabetic coma, we presen...

29 September

Livin' large: The luxury accommodation guide to Port Douglas

What do Ed Sheeran, Kylie Minogue and Matthew McConaughey all have in common? Other than loads of money and strange blended cross-country accents (except for McConaughey – we could listen to t...

...What was that restaurant?

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