Chelsea Mee

Independent adventurer turned toddler-chaser. A bike-loving lass who loves to get (a little) dirt on her face while exploring trails on her MTB and getting a close up view of epic scenery you'll never glimpse from a tour bus. Can't survive a day without chocolate, unfortunate coffee snob, digital gal for #portdouglasdaintree and all round lover of the tropics.
20 September

11 incredible outdoor adventures you can have in Port Douglas

One of the most intoxicating things about this place is that there is just so. Much. Nature. And it’s all so accessible. A 20-minute bike ride out of Port Douglas and you’re in the Mowbray V...

06 September

13 kid-approved fun things to do in Port Douglas these school holidays

It's a familiar thought process that happens among all parents of school-aged children: “No, it can’t be… didn’t we just start another term?” Then. That moment. The moment you realise ...

12 September

Short and Sweet: 5 Port Douglas Daintree tours to take when you’re short on time

Fill in the blanks: “I don’t have time to …” I hear you! I could fill that sentence in till I run out of time to talk about it! Whether you’re on holiday or trying to enjoy your weekend, th...

...What was that restaurant?

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