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Starting on the stunning shores of Four Mile Beach as the sun peaks over the horizon, the Tropical Journeys Great Barrier Reef Marathon Festival has something for everyone. With a range of distances from 74km ultra marathon through to a 2.5km event for the children, each event starts on Four Mile Beach and depending on the distance, the course varies. 

The 74km JCU Ultra Marathon runs the length of Four Mile Beach before heading out into the valley behind Port Douglas, up the infamous Bump Track before turning left onto Black Mountain Road. This trail then loops a 39km track through diverse environments from the red earth of the outback, into pine plantations and through the stunning tropical rainforest of Twin Bridges. This event then descends back down the Bump Track for a hero’s finish along Four Mile Beach.

The 42.195km Steve Moneghetti Adventure Marathon runs the length of Four Mile Beach before heading out past the cane fields into Mowbray Valley, over Diggers Bridge, sweeping through Spring Creek before hitting the Bump Track. This 12.5km return track is tough on even the strongest runner with Olympian Steve Moneghetti commenting on the severity of the climb. The marathon course then returns into Port Douglas through the shaded streets and back to the Esplanade.

The 21.095km Sheraton Mirage Resort Port Douglas Half Marathon follows the same route as the marathon but turns around at Diggers Bridge before, sparing the runners the severity of Spring Creek and the Bump Track.

The 10km Newsport Daily trail also runs the length of Four Mile Beach before turning right at the end of the beach, heading west through the shaded winding streets of Port Douglas, through Bruno Riedwig Park, through mangrove clad boardwalks and back along the royal palm fringed trail alongside the Sheraton Mirage, finishing on the Esplanade with a glory lap of the finishing chute.

The 5km Bendigo Bank Run is open to walkers & runners and is a double loop of the 2.5km Coles Junior Challenge course which starts on Four Mile Beach, running 1.1km along the beach before cutting in along through the boardwalks back towards the Esplanade.


74km JCU Ultra Marathon

42.195km Steve Moneghetti Marathon

21.1km Sheraton Mirage Resort Port Douglas Half Marathon

10km Newsport Daily

5km Fundy 5000

2.5km Coles Junior Challenge

Great Barrier Reef Marathon Festival

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