Hit the road: 5 must-do day trips from Port Douglas

Port Douglas is renowned as an idyllic location to soak up the reef and rainforest, but it’s also a great launch pad for day trips that showcase the diversity of the tropics. Within a short drive you can find yourself in the middle of the most ancient rainforest on earth, stumbling upon freshwater swimming holes, or drinking at one of Australia’s most iconic pubs, and be back in your sun ...


31 August

10 Daintree rainforest animals that are found nowhere else

The Daintree Rainforest is one of the most biologically diverse rainforests on the planet. This truly wild place forms a small part of the much larger Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and is hom...

04 October

10 reasons why you need to visit Port Douglas & Daintree

1. You can be the captain of your own adventure.  Take the wheel and create your dream holiday in Port Douglas Daintree, whether it be a tropical island escape or rainforest retreat.  ...

12 June

10 romantic things to do in Port Douglas (other than a dinner date)

Hands up if your idea of a romantic date generally entails sitting across from each other ordering from a menu that you have trouble pronouncing, let alone knowing exactly what it is? Sure, your f...

20 September

11 incredible outdoor adventures you can have in Port Douglas

One of the most intoxicating things about this place is that there is just so. Much. Nature. And it’s all so accessible. A 20-minute bike ride out of Port Douglas and you’re in the Mowbray V...

12 December

11 things to put on your Daintree to-do list

What would you do if you had time up your sleeve in the oldest rainforest in the world? Would you swim in ancient rock pools? Hike to secluded waterfalls? Or would you set out on a safari to spot ...

06 September

13 kid-approved fun things to in Port Douglas

It's a familiar thought process that happens among all parents of school-aged children: “No, it can’t be… didn’t we just start another term?” Then. That moment. The moment you realise ...

19 December

4 Indigenous tours unlike anything you’ve experienced before

Scratch the surface of Port Douglas and you’ll find palm-fringed beaches, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Daintree Rainforest. But dig a little deeper and you’ll be greeted with the spiritual conn...

31 August

48 hours in Port Douglas

The word ‘resort’ must have been coined for the palm tree-fringed town of Port Douglas in Tropical North Queensland. And not just for the manicured golf courses, seemingly endless Four Mile Beach,...

18 October

5 ways to recover after the Great Barrier Reef Marathon

Signing up for a marathon is half the battle. The other half is surviving it - especially when it's the spectacularly-scenic Tropical Journeys Great Barrier Reef Marathon.  Anyone w...

...What was that restaurant?

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